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The current slowdown in the economy has prevented many homeowners from upgrading and buying a larger house. Instead, homeowners are renovating their current home to gain more space. A popular method for gaining more space is to renovate the basement of a house, because finishing a basement can often cost less than building an addition (in some cases, building an addition may not be feasible due to code restrictions).

Basement Remodeling

In the Columbus OH area, many older homes do not have basements that have the requisite floor to ceiling height to be considered livable space. Moreover, all or a portion of the basement is often a crawl space (i.e., the floor to ceiling height may be as little as a foot and the floor surface is usually soil). Under such circumstances, the homeowner will need to increase the ceiling height of their basement to gain additional livable space.

Our company has extensive experience in increasing the ceiling height in basements (and crawl spaces) in the Columbus OH area. We achieve the requisite height through using one of the following two methods:

Traditional Basement Remodeling Columbus OH: In this method, our company uses a traditional approach to dig a basement. First, we dig the existing basement floor area (including excavating any concrete, rocks, and soil) to the requisite or desired grade. During excavation, we avoid damaging the foundation footings or walls. Second, we grade the excavated basement floor. Third, we will install insulation, rebar, and a vapor barrier. (These measures will help you save on your energy bills, strengthen the concrete and help prevent cracking, and help prevent moisture from penetrating the new concrete basement floor.) Last, we will pour the new concrete footings and foundation walls, as applicable, and floor slab.